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The Write Stuff

This is what real Star Trek fans do...

This is what real Star Trek fans do...

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And I don't mean the post-Roddenberry "let's blow things up," corporate bullshit, either. I mean the REAL Star Trek, the show that inspired kids to learn science and engineering:

The embed isn't working - but go look!


And he's not a half-bad singer, either!
  • I love Chris Hadfield. Do you follow his Tumblr? He shows the most gorgeous pictures from space.
  • I knew without clicking on the link who you were talking about. :D

    And David Bowie retweeted him and stuff. How cool do you have to be to have David Bowie thinking you're cool? :-O
    • David Bowie SANG about space. Commander Chris was THERE!
      • LOL, yep! He was interviewed by WIlliam Shatner too and there was some back and forth on Twitter with him and various Trek actors, which was all loads of fun,
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