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Didn't honestly expect to see DOMA trimmed... the whole Prop H8 game was just stupid; best part of that was the complainants being told they had no standing because they could not prove how letting same-sex couples marry injured them in any way. I guess dented self-righteous egotism doesn't count...
  • it was an amazing day, wasn't it? I pretty much thought they'd let the decision on Prop 8 stand, but really didn't expect the DOMA announcement. things is getting better (and I'm old, and really didn't ever figure this day would come)
  • Stunning result. DOMA was just...bizarre.
    • DOMA was right-wing bullies feeding the religious extremists they've been using as stormtroopers. What's important next is the Respect for Marriage Act now in Congress... that basically repeals DOMA and establishes equal justice under the law.
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