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William Spencer, 4 lbs, 12 weeks old, arrived July 2 and has assimilated into the pack to the point that he's been attempting to convince Cassie, our 9-year-old neutered lady DOG, that she is his mum. She is INCREDIBLY patient; he's tried to nurse twice and she just gives me this pained, "Get him OFF me!" look. (Yes, that's her leg in the picture. Will adores her. She does not return his affection but she tolerates it.) Yes, he's weaned, he eats like a horse--I guess it's reassurance.

Will came with that name from the Humane Society and no attempt to change it has worked, and his second name is in memory of my dear Spenser with a slight change in honor of a friend who deserves a furry namesake. I had not intended to get another cat but the shelter's been having a very crowded year (why do people let intact females OUT?!) and I saw his picture and it was hopeless. There's been a black-cat-shaped hole in the house since March, and it's finally filled.

He has the same birthday as Spenser... make of that what you will.

The vet has pronounced him perfect physically and wonderful in disposition and what can I do but agree and thank Bast for this little purr-face.
  • he's adorable! and now it's fun with kitten time!!!
    • Yeah - I realized that he's the first kitten I've raised in my adult life who was weaned at the proper age (we got him at 10 weeks and he was still with his mom) AND healthy! Spenser was orphaned before his eyes were open, Pippin was half the size he should've been from starvation, and near-dead from flea anemia, and Amelia had a horrible case of coccidosis that took months to resolve. Will is healthy - and bouncing off the walls. And yeah, it IS fun, if a bit hair-raising. I'd forgotten how high the little buggers can leap!
  • He's lovely and very photogenic.
  • Oh, what a beauty!
  • Oh, what a handsome boy! May he have many long healthy happy years with you.
  • He is so sweet!!! How adorable!
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